Wait: Isn’t that the West Edge Collective building?
It is. And we’ve got pretty big plans for it.

Our Plan

What we’re creating

Meet The Rail Spur: A family- and business-friendly establishment during the day, and high-energy bar for 21+ after 9 p.m.

Located at the nexus of the upcoming 15th Street Experience, the West Edge area-wide plan, and the Reed Avenue Rail Corridor, The Rail Spur will:

  • House a morning coffee bistro
  • Serve hand-crafted cuisine and grab-and-go food from the best food trucks in town
  • Offer a selection of specialty drinks
  • Be home to a boutique package liquor store 
  • Host live music and DJs
  • Include an outdoor seating area
  • Serve as a small event space

(Like we said: Big plans.) 


How The Rail Spur will benefit Cheyenne

  • Destination for locals
  • Unique attraction for tourists 
  • Aligns with voter priorities
  • Catalyzes rapid, area-wide transformation
  • Creates 20+ local jobs
  • Reimagines an underutilized location

When we plan to open for business

If the City Council awards us the retail liquor license by March, we’ll be able to complete Phase 1 interior renovations and open to the public by the end of 2022. From there, we’ll move into Phase 2 (exterior renovations), to be completed by the end of 2023. 

Where will West Edge Collective go?

If The Rail Spur moves forward, the West Edge Collective office is moving, too.
It will be in the same area, and yes: They promise the new space will be just as great as their current one.

About the location

Located at the corner of Lincolnway and Bent, and currently occupied by West Edge Collective, this 6,000 sq.ft. commercially zoned space was built in 2018 on a lot that had sat vacant for decades. 

Inside and out, this distinctive building utilizes reclaimed metal structure from Wyoming train bridges, flooring from early 1900’s boxcars, and shipping containers hand-picked from a Denver shipping yard. 

HOW THIS PROJECT Aligns with Voter Priorities

Greenway | Reed Ave. Rail | 15th Street Experience

With its location in the heart of the West Edge district, The Rail Spur lines up with many current voter and City Council priorities, including:

  • Voter-approved Greenway improvements (Ames Avenue connector) and projects 

  • West Edge and Reed Avenue Rail Corridor enhancements

  • Downtown projects

  • 15th Street Experience

Who’s making it happen

Chad Willett

Chad is a Cheyenne native and local entrepreneur who has started and grown several local companies. He has participated, visioned and invested significant personal time and resources—as well as attracted additional public and private support—in the redevelopment of the West Edge District, the Reed Avenue Rail Corridor, 15th Street transformation and the overall creative economy. Chad can currently attribute over 3 dozen well-paying jobs in Cheyenne to companies he has started.

Juan Coronado

Juan’s experience comes from working with some of the best chefs in Denver, including a role as Sous Chef at Panzano: An Italian restaurant with a history of developing great chefs. He then landed at the epicenter of what now is Tag Restaurant Group, collaborating on the development of multiple concepts as a brand-wide Executive Chef. In 2015, Juan helped successfully launch The Metropolitan, where he met friend and business partner Seth Stefanik. Together, they created what is now Micro Pop-Up Concepts: An incubator of food and beverage concepts, including Los Conejos. 

Seth Stefanik

A true specialist of American regional and world cuisine, Seth has developed/revived and maintained food and beverage operations at resorts and restaurants across the United States. While working as an essential part of the management team at The Metropolitan, Seth saw an opportunity to meet a demand for chef-driven concepts in Cheyenne, and he teamed up with coworker and friend Juan Coronado to create Micro Pop-Up Concepts. Passionate about local development and philanthropy, Seth is proud to be shaping the culinary landscape of his beloved hometown. 

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