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House Specials

Bananas Foster Latte $5.50

Espresso shots with steamed milk and notes of banana, brown butter, and spiced rum.

White Chocolate Mocha $5.50

Classic espresso white chocolate mocha with Madagascar vanilla syrup.

Ube White Chocolate Mocha $5.75

Classic espresso white chocolate mocha with sweet purple yam powder.

Triple chocolate Mocha $5.50

Classic espresso chocolate mocha infused with chocolate three ways.

Rose London Fog $5.00

Earl Grey tea latte infused with hints of vanilla and rose.

Dulce de Caramel Latte $5.75

Vanilla latte with caramel and dulce de leche sauce.

Chai Latte $5.75

Spiced chai tea latte.

Matcha Latte $5.75

Sweet matcha tea latte.

Caramel Apple Cider $5.00

Traditional spiced apple cider infused with caramel sauce.

Cold Brew $5.00

16-hour-cold-brewed coffee made from house espresso blend.

House Drip Coffee $2.00

Single-origin Kenyan medium roast

Speedy Car $5.50

Shots of espresso over hot coffee or cold brew.

Nitro Coffee $7.00


Chocolate Cremosa $3.50

Chocolate Milk.

Maple Cremosa $4.00

Maple-infused milk.

Banana Cremosa $3.50

Banana and sugarcane-infused milk.

Ube White Chocolate Cremosa $4.00

Milk infused with white chocolate and purple sweet yam powder.

Huckleberry Cremosa $4.00

Huckleberry-flavored milk.

Juices and energy boosters

Wyo Sunrise $5.00

Layered pineapple juice, orange juice and cranberry juice.

Watermelon Lemonade Agua Fresca $5.00

Watermelon limeade infused with sugar cane syrup and lime juice.

Huckleberry Red Bull

Huckleberry-infused Red Bull with lime juice.

Virgin Bloody Mary $5.00

House Bloody Mary mix.

Bagged Coffee

Colombia $10.00

Brown sugar & dark chocolate. Medium dark roast.

House Espresso Blend (Espresso & Cold Brew) $11.00

Exclusive espresso blend of Guatemalan, Ethiopian, Brazilian and Colombian beans. A medium roast with milk chocolate, caramel and cane sugar tasting notes.

Kenyan (House Drip Coffee) $10.00

Fruity. Light/medium roast.

Mexican $10.00

Citrus, cinnamon, cloves. Light roast.

Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia $11.00

Chai spice & blueberry. Medium roast.

Shooters available at coffee bar

Baileys $3.00
Kahlua $3.00
Tequila $3.00
Vodka $3.00
Whiskey $3.00

Signature Cocktails

Railspur Margarita $9.00

Tequila, Grand Marnier, lime, agave, salt rim.

Peach Daiquiri $10.00

Rum, peach, lime, sugarcane syrup, Luxardo liqueur.

Strawberry Rhubarb Cosmopolitan $9.00

Strawberry rhubarb vodka, cranberry, Grand Marnier, lime.

Buffalo Soldier $12.00

Jamaican rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, orange juice, nutmeg.

100% Sugar Cane Old Fashion $10.00

Whiskey, 100% pure sugarcane syrup, Peychaud’s bitters, orange twist.

Huckleberry Sour $10.00

Whiskey, huckleberry, Chambord, maple, lemon juice, egg white.

Mezcal Fashion $9.00

Tequila/mezcal agave, cocoa bitters, orange twist.

Three Oh Seventy Five $10.00

Gin, sparkling wine, lemon juice, simple syrup, lemon twist.

Agua Fresca Fizz $10.00

Gin, watermelon, limeade, sugarcane syrup.

Long Island Iced Tea $10.00

House Bloody Mary $8.00
Espresso Martini $8.00

Whiskey, Amaro Nonino, cold brew coffee and cream.

Classic Cocktails

Amaretto Sour $9.00
Aperol spritz $8.00
Aviaition $9.00
Caipirinha $9.00
Collins $9.00
Cosmopolitan $9.00
Daiquiri $8.00
French 75 $10.00
Gimlet $9.00
Gin Fiz $9.00
Irish Coffee $10.00
Lemon Drop Martini $9.00
Maitai $9.00
Manhattan $12.00
Margarita $9.00
Martini $9.00
Mojito $9.00
Negroni $10.00
Old Fashioned $11.00
Paloma $9.00
Pisco Sour $9.00
Sazerac $9.00
Side Car $9.00
Vesper $11.00
Whiskey Sour $9.00


Crispy Brussel Sprouts $8.00

Crisp brussels sprouts with whiskey-finished apple cider reduction, rustic herbs, and crushed nuts.

Frites with Sauce $6.00

Railspur fried potato wedges with seasoning and rustic herbs, served with a side of house aioli.

Truffled Frites $8.00

Railspur fried potato wedges tossed in truffle oil and dressed with rustic herbs, bleu cheese, and balsamic reduction. Served with a side of house aioli.

Onion Rings $6.00

Railspur onion rings, breaded, deep fried, and served with a side of house aioli.

Pierogies $8.00

Pierogies (deep-fried potato dumplings) tossed in lemon pepper butter and served with a side of house aioli.

Charcuterie $12.00

Cured meat, specialty cheese, crackers, and accouterments. Chef’s choice and rotational.

Grilled Heirloom Carrots & Broccolini $9.00

Grilled heirloom carrots and broccolini.

Whiskey Glazed Meatballs $8.00

House meatballs with a bourbon whiskey glaze.


Cheese Burger $10.00

Angus beef patty with cheddar cheese and caramelized onion on a Kaiser burger bun.

Elk Gyro $14.00

Tender elk steak on toasted pita bread with tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Sous Vide Chicken Salad Sandwich $10.00

Traditional chicken salad sandwich with lettuce, tomato and onion.

Brûlée Cheesecake $6.50

Classic cheesecake with brûlée sugar topping and mountain berry compote.

Clase Azul $250.00

Includes limes & salt/juices.

Patron $125.00

Includes limes & salt/juices.

Veuve Clicquot $250.00

Includes fresh juices.

Angles & Cowboys Rose $125.00

Grey Goose $125.00

Includes fresh juices.

Crown $125.00

Classic or Vanilla. Includes sodas.

Hennessy $125.00

Remy Martin $200.00